The shot that missed.

The .45 round that made this hole was intended for my head. I bent down to put up things he had thrown in his temper tantrum.

Yes he got a black eye. No, I’m not happy with my behavior. But, when your shot at… you get rather defensive.

This bullet didn’t end my life, but rather the Adventure, that I thought I was on.

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Moving on

He’s posting pictures with his”❤️”. This is his old boss and (likely) mistress. He lied about that too. They were communicating all along.

I feel so much better knowing I was right about the lies. He really had me doubting myself.

I feel so much better knowing there’s a new supply. He will finally be done with me.

I wonder how well she knows him. Does she know his temper flies? He yells and screams using hurtful names? That he throws and breaks furniture and homes? That he hits and bits? That if he drinks too much he won’t take no for an answer? That he’ll threaten to leave weekly, just because you say the coffee down wrong or didn’t feed him fast enough or the wind is blowing too hard.

Does she know he will hit and bit over something that didn’t happen?

Does she know he’ll isolate her from her own kids and family?

Does she know he will kick her out of a hotel when it’s 12 degrees and she doesn’t have a coat or money?

Does she know he’ll point a gun AND pull the trigger?

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San Jose Del Cabo

San jose del caBO

A wonderful 10 days in Mexico!

With Doug Barretto Diggie Barretto

The Adventure begins today.

Today is the first day of recording our adventures. We love to get out and see the sites and eat at all the interesting restaurants.  Our posts will describe the destinations.  Our food critics will rate the meals, service, and atmosphere.  We are always on the hunt for foods that are not only delicious but also clean, anti-inflammatory, low carbs and for me – gluten free.  As we go, I will explain the importance.

Our first international tour will begin on Monday, June 26th.  We will fly United to Los Cabos and stay seven nights at the Marquis Los Cabos, All Inclusive Resort and Spa.  We will take self guided tours around town. If the mood strikes us, we may sign up for a guided tour.

Here’s to no more 9 to 5 (for Maija) and pursuing a passion, or two.  The stress of a full time job, taking (or trying) to keep up with a home, 4 dogs and 2 macaws can be a bit overwhelming.  Never mind if you are regularly trapped in elevators…  Elevators are a trigger for me.  The building itself became unhealthy.  So, it was with mixed emotions that I left a job and people that I had expected to be a long term part of my life.

In January I graduated as a Health Coach. I am currently working on another Coaching Certificate, and the Personal Trainer certificate.  I want to help the people around me be healthier.  I know that I have had a positive impact on many people already.  I would love to make the world a healthier place.  Any change for the better leads to a healthier us.

Doug has always been an avid photographer.  He is currently working towards a professional license in photography.  I will let him tell you more about that later.

If we combine my health knowledge and his photos with our thirst for adventure, I am sure you will be enlightened and entertained.

Thank you for visiting and please check back soon.


Castelo di Amoroso and Brannan’s Calistoga

It was the hottest day of the year, to date.  We were out exploring, looking for photo opportunities.  We had just blown $50 on a very short tour of Castelo di Amoroso.  The tour was very disappointing!  For $50 for the two of us we were allowed to walk threw a few sections of the castle.  The walk took maybe 5 minutes, and that was including the time we stopped to take photos.  I guess they get away with charging that as it is the only castle in the area.  If you would like to see it, I would suggest just taking your photos outside the property and enjoy walking threw the grape vines.  There are so many great options to capture the moment without a fee.  (Our best photos were taking outside the paid area!)

We decided to visit Calistoga.  Calistoga is a very small town with small shops and restaurants.  There are a few art galleries.  Hot springs and mud baths are available.  We did not indulge.  We did enjoy browsing the shops and galleries. We decided to have lunch and cool off at Brannans.  I made a reservation on Open Table.  (Why not get some extra points?)

When we arrived, it was nice and cool inside, as we had hoped.  We started with Calistoga Cooler.  Our waitress told us that was the drink of the day.  It was indeed refreshing.    A cocktail made with ginger beer?  Delishous! This was the best part of the meal.

I opted for the the Cob Salad with Chicken added.  Diggie, of course, went for the burger and fries.  My salad was HUGE!  It was a bit on the salty side for me, but I was happy that they were aware of gluten and could assure me that my meal would be gluten free.  Diggies burger was decent.  The bun had not been toasted or heated, and was soggy by the time it arrived to the table.  The fries were hot and crispy.

We have not yet established a rating system.  There for, I will say that the service was good. The waitress was friendly and attentive. The food was adequate. The price was high for the quality of the food.  At these prices, I would like to see organic, clean foods.  I would not go out of my way to return.

Perhaps the heat of the day diminished my tolerance?