The Adventure begins today.

Today is the first day of recording our adventures. We love to get out and see the sites and eat at all the interesting restaurants.  Our posts will describe the destinations.  Our food critics will rate the meals, service, and atmosphere.  We are always on the hunt for foods that are not only delicious but also clean, anti-inflammatory, low carbs and for me – gluten free.  As we go, I will explain the importance.

Our first international tour will begin on Monday, June 26th.  We will fly United to Los Cabos and stay seven nights at the Marquis Los Cabos, All Inclusive Resort and Spa.  We will take self guided tours around town. If the mood strikes us, we may sign up for a guided tour.

Here’s to no more 9 to 5 (for Maija) and pursuing a passion, or two.  The stress of a full time job, taking (or trying) to keep up with a home, 4 dogs and 2 macaws can be a bit overwhelming.  Never mind if you are regularly trapped in elevators…  Elevators are a trigger for me.  The building itself became unhealthy.  So, it was with mixed emotions that I left a job and people that I had expected to be a long term part of my life.

In January I graduated as a Health Coach. I am currently working on another Coaching Certificate, and the Personal Trainer certificate.  I want to help the people around me be healthier.  I know that I have had a positive impact on many people already.  I would love to make the world a healthier place.  Any change for the better leads to a healthier us.

Doug has always been an avid photographer.  He is currently working towards a professional license in photography.  I will let him tell you more about that later.

If we combine my health knowledge and his photos with our thirst for adventure, I am sure you will be enlightened and entertained.

Thank you for visiting and please check back soon.


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  1. Hello, two lovebirds ! Happy to see both of you enjoying life. Free from the busy world . May our Lord bless you , guide you wherever you are. Love you both !

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