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He’s posting pictures with his”❤️”. This is his old boss and mistress. He lied about that too. They were communicating all along.

I feel so much better knowing I was right about the lies. He really had me doubting myself.

I feel so much better knowing there’s a new supply. He will finally be done with me.

I wonder how well she knows him. Does she know his temper flies? He yells and screams using hurtful names? That he throws and breaks furniture and homes? That he hits and bits? That if he drinks too much he won’t take no for an answer? That he’ll threaten to leave weekly, just because you say the coffee down wrong or didn’t feed him fast enough or the wind is blowing too hard.

Does she know he will hit and bit over something that didn’t happen?

Does she know he’ll isolate her from her own kids and family?

Does she know he will kick her out of a hotel when it’s 12 degrees and she doesn’t have a coat or money?

Does she know he’ll point a gun AND pull the trigger?

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